Kings of the City – Mad Men

August 7th, 2012 | By Broken Soul Boy

Kings of the City – Mad Men

London is currently swept with an electrifying atmosphere with Olympics fever invading the whole city. It’s baffling to contemplate that only one year ago, London was gripped by rioting on a scale that’s not been seen for decades in this place. Frustratingly, the coincidental timing could not be more convenient for the authorities and power-makers, as the attention of most people and press is on the Olympics events happening at the moment, at the expense of analysing what’s happened to London since the riots, and progress made in addressing fundamental core issues (or lack of progress!).

Kings of the City, come through with a new track documenting the tragic history one year on. Titled ‘Mad Men’, this is a thoughtful song set to a melancholy and powerful riff and some expressive vocals. Brilliant package all round, and this song has quite an epic sound, which is comparable to say some of the dark and on edge rock and ska music that came out in the backdrop to the riots and economic downturn that faced Britain during the 1980’s.

Mad Men is off the ‘No Guts’ EP, which is available for free download from:

Broken Soul Boy

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