The Fast Show | Episode #3

December 21st, 2011 | By Nik Squared

The Fast Show | Episode #3

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I’m brand new to the series of ‘The Fast Show’, and was delighted to have this sent to our inbox, especially on these cold, wet miserable days.

The Fast Show is what happens, when ‘Foster’s make a comedy Sketch show’…as they say.

Episode 3 opens up with a hilarious sketch of Swiss Toni giving romantic cooking advice to his employee, and relating such techniques as ‘Boiling an egg’,’mashing a potato’ and ‘Making Muscles’, to making sweet love with a beautiful woman, lol…one of those sketches that you find your elders giving you woman advice, which is cringe worthy at the best of times.

Watch the whole episode for more random comedy sketches, and you can catch the previous episodes at:

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