Doom Man talks Reinvention / Industry Disappointment / Harvey + Freetstyle

December 13th, 2011 | By Nik Squared

Doom Man talks Reinvention / Industry Disappointment / Harvey + Freetstyle

DJ Chuckie is going in right now in terms of Debates on the Jumpoff panel and interesting interviews where he digs deep into the lives and buisness of some incredible artists.

This feature is from a dear friend of ours, who we have the up most respect for as an artist…Doom Man…and we’re going in real talks on this post.

I know you all heard that club banger ‘Don’t Talk To Me’ which he dropped last year…Muddatrucker was playing in my ears non-stop; Radio & Clubs…Doom Man was on his peak with that track. Before that though, Doom Man had been about the underground Hip Hop scene, and had built a respected name for himself, working alongside legends such as Pyrelli, So Solid Crew and then picked up to go and support De La Soul in Europe.

Doom then released a commercial hit, which was slept on by a lot of the industry ‘Celebrate Part Life part II’. Maybe it was too early to cross over independantly? So it was time to take seat and reminis…

This is what this interview is about, the politcs, the learning curves, the love and the growth forward as an artist…which is the most important piece of information; ‘The Appeal’.

Not a new Doom Man, but an evolved Doom Man, in his own ‘habitat’, happy and ready to release new music, under a group alias of ‘The Appeal’, teaming up with a ‘Greeze Bag’ (In the most positive way) producer ‘FroBak’. I’ve had a preview…It’s F*cked!

Nik Squared

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