Terrorsum True Pain

August 29th, 2011 | By Wesey

Terrorsum – True Pain

Young Hip-Hop/Grime MC hailing from Wycombe, England is one of the most exciting and lyrically powerful artists on the rise within the UK scene

His previous singles have included ‘Zoot In My Hand’ which was spun multiple times by veteran DJ, DJ Semtex. Not to mention the mind blowing Hip-Hop material which has been put out in between releases.

Nik Squared Media present Terrorsum’s latest single ‘True Pain’, a lyrical assassination to his peers, his competition and himself as Terrorsum takes you on a vivid journey through his life and what has made him the person he is today. Combined with interesting visuals over the smoothness of the instrumental, this is sure to be a stand out in the young rapper’s budding career.


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