Harvey ft Wretch 32 Positive Vibes

December 10th, 2010 | By Nik Squared

Harvey ft Wretch 32 – Positive Vibes

Brand new track from Ex So Solid Crew member Harvey, which i’m proper feeling, featuring Wretch 32. Together they really work well, beat has a proper vibe to it.

Really looking forward to hearing an official Mixtape/EP/Album, come from one of the members of So Solid.

From working alongside the crew in the recent past, the members are all still much hard at work on their music, yet not focusing on the industry to help support their vision. They are building an independent empire relying on true fans & new fans of the crew to support them, enjoy their music, and events.

After bad media coverage put out rather than looking at their success, and path they made for other UK acts, i can’t say i blame them. Each member has had significant success in their lives from having so much natural talent; from being in Hollywood Movies, TV Icons, Footballers, Big US producers…it’s been a while since a group of individuals have had that much natural talented gifts.

So Solid Crew and all the members marked a memorable part of my growing up, and one thing i would like to see before it’s too late is the Crew to re-form and bring out the gritty, catchy, raw Garage sound they used to make platinum hits. If this happened, as the scene is today, I feel the crew would have as much easy access to make a chart hit again, but independently.


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