Stig of the Dump Fire In The Booth

November 28th, 2010 | By Nik Squared

Stig of the Dump – Fire In The Booth

Stig Of The Dump is a name that has been in the UK rap scene for many years. I remember 1st hearing and seeing him when i used to attend the Jumpoff, which was a monthly event hosting many urban battles, one being MC battles, which he’d tear down and hype up the crowd.

A true Northen artist with raw and witty punchlines. Earlier this year he released his new EP ‘MoodSwings’, but it took 3 years to drop, his 1st EP was entitled ‘Homeless Microphonist’. Both EP’s were so individual to Stig Of The Dump, he’s a great artist and character.

Good to see him still floating about, He tears apart his Fire In The Booth of 1Xtra, just hope to see more from him.


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