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March 9th, 2010 | By Nik Squared Unofficial Teaser Trailer The count down has begun. 2010 is definitely looking very healthy regarding the UK film industry, with Shank the movie around the corner, and now the new anticipated film from, Orange BAFTA Rising Star Award winning director Noel Clarke, who previously directed well known films; KiDULTHOOD & AdULTHOOD.

Any one who has seen those two films know exactly what Noel is capable of, and as confusing as this teaser trailer seems, we can tell this is definitely going to be a high action packed crime thriller, with 4 main strong beautiful women to lead the story.

Noel Clarke has an amazing eye for talented Actors and Actresses as we have seen in his previous films, and yet again he pulls together another all star cast with; Bashy, Adam Deacon, Plan B, Emma Roberts, Shanika warren-Markland, Tamsin Egerton, Ophelia Lovibond and of course no Noel Clarke film would be complete without his signature mark of himself being involved.

The official poster for the film is out on Thursday, and we just can’t wait for this film to hit the cinema screen.

Nik Squared

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  1. DAVE.DA.MAN says:

    ye cant wait to see this film

  2. Beata says:

    Sounds promising,and sexy…hehe:)

  3. Saahir says:

    when is it released?

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